05/11/2019 IBC breakfast Thomas Feld
13/10/2019 IBC family day at Clervaux
07/10/2019 IBC Luncheon with Koen Maris, PwC
22/09/2019 IBC Super Car event
23/05/2019 IBC Golf Tournament
06/05/2019 IBC Luncheon with Norbert Becker
23/03/2019 après ski dinner
11/02/2019 IBC luncheon with Guy Hoffmann
30/01-03/02/2019 IBC ski weekend in Grindelwald
08/01/2019 New Year's reception
15/11/2018 status quo of the financial center - breakfast presentation by KPMG
14/10//2018 IBC Family Day Fond De Gras
23/09/2018 Grand Classic Tour
27/04/2018 Golf Tournament
26/032018 Aprés ski dinner
12/032018 IBC Luncheon with Bob Kneip - Digitatlisation - do or die?
05/02/2018 IBC Luncheon with Markus Thesen - CSSF: Business Model Assessments by the CSSF
08/01/2018 IBC New Year's reception
04/12/2017 -IBC Luncheon with Luc Frieden - The Brexit - exiting times for a lawyer
20/10/2017 -IBC Luncheon with Vice Prime Minister Schhneider on the Rifkin Study
01/07/2017 -IBC Family Day - visit of the hidden parts of the Luxembourg casemattes, followed by an underground wine tasting
24/04/2017 -IBC Luncheon: Financial Services in transition - Nasir Zubairi, CEO The LhoFT
26-29/01/2017 - IBC ski weekend 2017
09/01/2017 - New year's reception
14.11.2016 - IBC General Assembly
24/25.09.2016 - IBC Annual Tour Classic Car Rally to Baden Baden.
06/06/2016 - Luncheon with Prof. Rainer Klump, Luxembourg University – “Financial Industry and Financial Research in Luxembourg – How to create a successful and sustainable partnerschip”.
15/03/2016 - Après – ski meeting.
28/02-31/01.20146 - IBC Ski weekend at Lenzerheide.
12/12/2017 -IBC General Assembly
16/11/2017 - Status quo of the financial Center - presentation by Thomas Feld, KPMG
10.10.2016 - Luncheon with Ludo van der Heyden entitled “Promises of Fair Process Leadership or why Managing for Results is a very limited recipe”.
08/09/2017 -IBC Golf Tournament
20/03/2017 -après ski dinner
16/01/2017 - IBC Luncheon with Claude Marx
29.11.2016 - Gender balance in the Corporate World - Opportunities and Challenges
09/06/2016 - IBC Golf Tournament at Golf Club Beelenhaff Junglinster.
02/05/2016 - Luncheon with Klas Eklund – Sustainability and financial markets - greenwashing or the real thing?
14/03/2016 - Luncheon with Denise Voss, ALFI: The Luxembourg investment fund industry – where do we go from here?
11/01/2016 - IBC new year's reception.