April 2020
Please note that Barbara Fischer Fürwentsches, who has been responsible fort he IBC office for the last 5 years, will retire by the end of this month. IBC office will be handed over to Josée Lynda Denis.

The new contact details for the IBC office are as follows:IBC Office
c/o Josée Lynda Denis
13, Rue Jean Pierre Beicht
L-1126 Limpertsberg
Mobile +352 691 541 403

office@bankersclub.lu  – www.bankersclub.lu

We would like to thank Barbara for her excellent work and commitment to the club and we wish her all the best for the future.

We would like to welcome Josée Lynda Denis as a new member of the club and as responsible for the IBC Office. Josée Lynda has a solid background from the financial industry and she will be a familiar face to you I am sure.

Despite the Covid-19 situation the board is in the process of planning future IBC events. As soon as predictable we will provide more information.

December 2017
At the General Assembly 12 December 2017 Christian Kremer, Partner Clifford Chance, and Lihong Zhou, CEO Bank of China, have been elected as new IBC board members.
July 2019
At the General Assembly 04 July 2019 Vincent Decalf, independent director, has been elected as new IBC board member. The board has mandated him to be the IBC Treasurer
The board is now composed as follows: http://bankersclub.lu/board/


March 2020 – Pictet & Cie Europe S.A.
February 2020 – Josée Lynda Denis, independent director
February 2020 – IT Perform
January 2020 – Linari Law Firm
January 2020 – Governance.com
January 2020 – Achim Vogt
January 2020 – GSK Stockmann SA
December 2019 – Multi Fund Concept Management
November 2019 – Klaus Ebert, Danske Invest
November 2019- Luc Rasschaert, Wealins S.A.
November 2019 – RBS International
October 2019 – Fortuna Bank S.A.
July 2019 – Sylvie Rodrigues, independent director
July 2019 – Thibault de Barsy, lecturer Luxembourg University
Mai 2019 – Link Asset Services
Mai 2019 – Virginie Lagrange, independent director
January 2019 – HSBC Luxembourg
October 2018 – Chenavari Investment Managers
October 2018 – Nordic Funds Services
March 2018 – Telindus S.A.
February 2018 – Massimo Amato
February 2018 – Alter Domus
February 2018 – Agricultural Bank of China
February 2018 -Mont Blanc sarl
January 2018 – The Lhoft
January 2018 – Linklaters
November 2017 – Steen Dier
August 2017 – Carne Group
June 2017 – Farad Group
April 2017 – Royalton Partners S.A.
April 2017 – Jorgen Jessen, Independent Director
April 2017 – Edoardo Carlo Picco, Europim S.A.
February 2017 – Kuylenstierna & Skog S.A.
January 2017 – DLA Piper Luxembourg
October 2016 – Cornelius Bechtel
September 2016 – Stefan Corthouts / Carne Group
August 2016 – Daniela Clasen Martin / Crestbridge Management Co.
August 2016  –  Thomas Antonio / MLP Management