We hope and trust that you and your loved ones are doing well, staying healthy and keeping safe during this unprecedented global health crisis. 

As we left you on this page in June 2020, we were optimistic and looking forward to seeing our IBC members and sharing our usual annual IBC get-togethers with some new events with you. Unfortunately, across Europe and in Luxembourg, we remain in a pandemic situation. In Luxembourg, the COVID-19 sanitary measures and safety recommendations are revised on an ongoing basis, making it nearly impossible to predict what the situation will be like from this second  wave that is currently hitting the country, in this last quarter of 2020 and beyond, from January 2021 going forward.

As we reflect on this challenging year for us all, we are reminded of the intent and commitment of the IBC Luxembourg to:

  • Continue to bring value to our distinct members with a dedicated platform and endeavours that connect and bring together leading senior executives of the Luxembourg financial centre. 
  • Share activities through our recognised yearly IBC events alongside providing interesting subject matters with leading industry figures in regular get-togethers, be their physical or virtual. 
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After nearly a year of many adaptations to our personal and professional lives, we are closing out year 2020 and heading into a new normal era.  The value of the IBC community is its dedication to connect and encourage the IBC discussion platform in sharing common interests and subject matters. In this view, the IBC Board Members are engaged to ensure that we provide our members, not only our usual yearly events, but also, some new  IBC events, in line with the interim virtual world we must adapt to from now until  we can meet again in the near future.  

Indeed, it can prove very difficult to respect all precautionary measures during certain events, where the aim is to meet,  share a nice moment, over a key topic, a hobby and sport (golf, ski, cars, and family events, and more) or a nice meal, and have fun together! 


Please watch this space as COVID-19 Phases continue in Luxembourg from 4Q2020 to year 2021.  The  IBC events’ dates, venues, format and subject matters will be revised accordingly. 


IBC NEW YEAR’S RECEPTION 2020 – 13 January 2020



IBC APRÈS SKI DINNER – 9 March 2020 

*IBC LUNCHEON WITH MARC GEM, CLEARSTREAM – 16 March 2020 cancelled, resume to 2021

IBC AGM 2020 & BARBECUE WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY MINISTER FRANÇOIS BAUSCH – June 15, 2020 cancelled and date revised, due to COVID-19 restriction

IBC AGM 2020 – 14 July 2020 held via Visio conference

*IBC/BMW Car Event 2020 at Nürburg, Germany – 3-4 October 2020 cancelled, resume to 2021

*IBC Family Day – 11 October 2020 cancelled, resume to 2021

IBC Luxembourg Wine Getaway 2020* – December 2020  a yearly IBC event launched in 2020 *– pending revised covid-19 restrictions communicated by Luxembourg government to be imposed from 26/11/2020 to 15/12/2020 

Watch this space!

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A dedicated platform to share industry topics and market trends, providing interesting subject matters with leading industry figures in our regular communication and sharing of important industry-wide events.

With our very best wishes until we meet again. In meantime, please stay healthy and keep safe.

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